dear mother thugs

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On a clear day, no clouds cover the sun. Days suitable for recreation. I thought about it, I do not have long recreation. Finally I decided to invite my friends to go to a beautiful beach in the Pacific beloved. All my friends and finally managed to persuade me everything would leave without exception.

When all the friends had gathered in front of my house, we immediately went to menggnkakan each motor so I also forgot to say goodbye to my mother.
Arriving at the beach is so beautiful, so do not know what the feeling that landed me so that my chest was ticking. But I do not care about that feeling, and I immediately took off my bag and ran for freedom on the beach. Without nagging mother, without orders from my mother, without the old advice of ibuk me, I just want freedom.

I and my friends enjoy all the beauty of this beach, how happy we get the freedom we needed after a long day at school without stopping, how happy anyway I do not hear the nagging mother who usually every day to fill my free time, mind freedom continues to occur because that is what I'm yearning dearer.

After a long playing time came lunch, again I thought, "fortunately no mother always told me to eat a lot to be healthy and nagging nagging-other". I was getting carried away with this freedom.
When I want to put food kemulutku, my phone rang loud. There was no intention at all to me receiving a phone call. After three rings I see who is calling my brother, and I was no longer think the throw away the phone up my bag, and left my phone that did not stop from deringannya. "Hell, today I want to be free, no one should interfere with my freedom", egoisku mind even more rampant.

Then I come back to play with my friends to continue liberty pending, until I was so carried away. Do not feel the matter has been before the maghrib, then we stop the game to rest in one of the houses near the beach, as he wanted menghangatkn our bodies are cold. Because our bodies are very cold, stiff and seemed immovable, so we only can warm yourself by the fire.

While enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, I suddenly remembered my past when I was in grade school. I thought of my mother who is being grumble-grumble in front of me because I was playing in the rain so my body stiff, pale face, until I myself swordfish can again move my whole body because it was too stiff. Instantly I was also moved without feeling cold were initially very make me suffer to take my phone. I wanted to call my mother. But after I took the phone and look at the screen there are 59 missed calls and 13 incoming messages, I just pull out all the messages and missed calls before, without seeing it at all, just because I wanted to look for no. hp my mother, then my phone several times but no answer. Friends yangg know kegelisahankukarena want to call my mother as if to cry and the tears began to flow in their cold cheeks. I just smiled shyly and proud of his fellow thugs.
But anyway I cried immediately, but was unable to secrete tears. Then I began to see missed calls it, everything is composed no two sisters, no my father, along with no neighbors and family-family. I'm starting to get confused at the time, after I noticed, no no mother in between the no-no, I'm very sad to know that there is no mother no daiantara the no-no.

Then I opened the incoming messages one by one, until I cried loudly, all my tears could not accommodate me again, everything spilled like a river flowing, all my friends were surprised absurdly, because they know I never cry. Then they asked me, what is it with me, without answer. I immediately ran to take a key motor and ran k earah motors, without the use of clothes and sandals, then one of my friends threw a thick jacket with me and direct me and my life my bike gas without further ado.
I ignored all the existing road, the bike seemed to fly, police want mnghentikanku only exposed to wind and splashing water streaming from my eyes.
Usually the trip that we traveled for 30 minutes, but I only took 10 minutes to get home.

When got home I ran in among the people who are in my house, I no longer thought of decency or whatever I just want to meet my mother.
Immediately I see my mother who was lying and covering his eyes with all the family is on his side, sobbing cry, I just stare could not move and talk anything. Then Masku too loud shouting and scolding me, he snapped at me and slapped me on the cheek with less very hard, but I just kept silent, all families with emotion from my sister, and I went back to bawl without thinking about anything else, then I straight up to the top of the bed, and lay down beside my mother hugging her tightly without any distance again, I do not want to be separated from my mother.
All the family can only cry to see this my attitude, which would not normally adjacent to the mother because I'm spoiled, now do not want to be separated at all from my mother.
With a vengeance I yelled as loud-kencangnyanya, "I love mom, I do not want to lose a mother, I want my mother always there for me, I want my mother always advised me, the mother should be nagging me every day, I wanted to mother scolded me every day, as long as the mother is always there for me ",
All tears increasingly intolerable, and I kissed her cheek, and said quietly, because my voice has been depleted due to tears and yelled that unremitting, "Mother, I'm sorry, I do not want to lose the mother, the mother is the angel, although any that happened ". Immediately, I saw movement in her lips, and formed a smile very missed.

And I was startled and "a. . . . aaaaaaaaaaargh ".
I see all around me sleepy, and there is only the mother beside the still tetutup his eyes and hugged me with a smile on his face.
Am I dreaming? ? It's been a long time I did not sleep at home, I miss mom. Mom, I love mom, I wanted to go home and hug Always clean up your feet and always kiss your hand when I want to go home and get home.
Mother gimanapun rigors mother to me, I understand now. I promise I will try to make mom smile proud of me. Mother wait for me at the door of our house, I aknan home this Eid.
Yogyakarta, May 8, 2010

Read carrots, eggs, and coffee

carrots, eggs, and coffee

A child complained to her father about her life difficult. He did not know what else to do and want to give up. He was tired of fighting. Every time a problem is solved, other problems arise. Her father, a cook, smiled and took his daughter to the kitchen. He then took three pots, each filled with water and put it on the stove. A few moments later the water was boiling pots. In the first pot, he put the carrots. Then, in the second he put the egg pan. And, in the third pot he put some coffee beans tumbuk.Ia let each boiling During that time he was silent stonewalling. The child menggereget teeth, not Patiently wait and wonder to what is done by his father. Twenty minutes later, the father put the fire out. Then menyiduk carrots from the pan and puts them on a plate. Then he took the eggs and puts them on the same plate. He last coffee filter placed on the plate as well. He then turned to her and asked, "What are you, son?" "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," she replied. He led her closer and asked her to hold the carrot. The boy did as he asked and said that they were soft. Then the father asked his son broke the egg. After the egg was broken and peeled, the child said that the poached egg was now feels hard. The boy smiled when tasting the delicious aroma of coffee. "What does all this mean, father?" Asked the boy. The father explained that every object had been through the same thing, which is boiled in boiling water, but after boiling it they turn into something different. Carrots were originally strong and hard, after boiled in boiling water, turn into soft and weak. While eggs, on the contrary, the original fragile, now after boiling become hard and solid. While coffee beans mashed turned into a very unique. Coffee beans, boiled, even changing the water to boil it. "So, which one are you?" Asked the father to his son. "At the moment the difficulties confronting your ways, change what is happening to you? Did you become a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? "


Read Carpenter and His house

Carpenter and His house

An old carpenter intends to retire from his job in a real estate construction company. He expressed his wish that the owner of the company. He wanted to rest and enjoy the rest of his days peacefully with his wife and keluarganya.Pemilik company was sad to lose one of his best workers. He then begged the carpenter to make a home for himself. Carpenter nodded approve the company owner's personal request. But, in fact he feels forced. He wanted to stop. His heart was not fully expended.
Reluctantly he was working on the project. He only uses ingredients modest. Finally finished houses requested by tuannya.Hasilnya not a good home. It's a shame it had to end his career with achievements that are not so awesome. When the owner of the company that came to see the house he asked for, he handed the front door key to the carpenter.
'This is your house,' he said, 'a gift from us.' Astonishment of the carpenter. What a shame and remorse. If only he knew that he was actually working on a house for himself, he would have done in another way altogether. Now he had to live in a house that is not too good of his own work.
Friends, that's what happens in our lives. Sometimes, a lot of us are building a life in a way that is confusing and less responsible jawab.Lebih choose strive perfunctory rather than striving for good. In fact, the most important parts of our lives do not give their best.

Touch Story ( True Story )

Touch Story ( True Story )

Online Psychology

This note from a sahabat.Insya God can be learned and apologize if someone has ever received this email.

Five years ago, God has called people that I love, I often wonder how my wife's situation is now in heaven, well all? He must be very sad because it was left alone a husband who is not capable of taking care of the home and a child who is still so small. That's how I feel, as long as I feel that I have failed, can not meet the physical and spiritual needs of my children, and failed to become a father and mother to my children.

On one day, there are important matters at work, I had to immediately go to the office, my son was still asleep. Ohhh ... I have to provide a meal for him. Because there was still some rice, so I fry an egg for him to eat. After telling my children were sleepy, then I rushed off to work. I led a double role, makes really drained my energy. One day when I came home from work I feel very tired, after working all day. Just glance I hugged and kissed my son, I immediately went into the bedroom, and skip dinner. However, when I lay down to bed with a view to nap eliminate fatigue, suddenly I felt something was broken and spilled like warm liquid! I opened the blanket and ... .. that's where the source 'masalah'nya ... a broken bowl with instant noodles that mess in the sheets and blankets!


The father of a student feels disappointed and entered the lecture hall. There teacher was talking.

Without caring for everyone present, the father said to his daughter, "You have wasted a university career just to sit at the feet of this idiot!
What memangnya he has taught you? "

The boy stood; he calmly took out his father and said, "Being with him has taught me what can not be found at home - that is to not be afraid of my father and not feel ashamed of behavior
Father ugly behavior. "


Read The story of Mr. Suyatno

The story of Mr. Suyatno

The story of Mr. Suyatno

Online Psychology

Judging from his age, he was no longer young, who already twilight age even approaching night, sir Suyatno 58 years of daily life is filled with caring for his sick wife is also old. They were married over 32 years they've been blessed with 4 children is the beginning temptation strikes, after his wife gave birth to four tiba2 legs paralyzed and could not move it happen for 2 years, stepped in to three whole body becomes weak and even feels no bones lidahnyapun has not can be moved again. Every day pack Suyatno bathing, cleaning up, fed, and raised her up a bed. Before leaving for work he put his wife in front of the TV so that she does not feel lonely. Although she can not speak but she always saw her smiling, fortunately pack Suyatno place of business is not so far from home that day he came home to feed her lunch. afternoon he came home his wife bathing, changing clothes and after sunset he accompanied his wife to watch television while telling him apa2 only natural that all day. Although she could only see but can not respond, sir Suyatno'm happy even he always teased her every goes to sleep. This routine is done pack Suyatno approximately 25 years, with a patient he treated her even while raising their fourth baby, now they've grown anak2 stay the youngest who was in college.

poison Healer

This story happened in China in ancient times. There was a woman named Ling-ling, she is the wife of Aloy, a man whose life is well established, and has a mother. Ling-ling, is a good wife. But he felt that the law, the mother of her husband Aloy, so do not like it. He felt that whatever he did wrong before the law. Ling-ling feel that this law is very unpleasant. He felt that he could not fit in with the mother-in-law. Their personalities are different. Ling-ling was criticized continued by this law. Time is running, day to day, week to week, month to month, Ling-ling felt it was no longer comfortable with this law. Although not quarrel mouth, but an atmosphere of mutual silence took place between Ling-ling and law. This atmosphere also makes Aloy awry and unsettled. Finally Ling-ling feel not stand the attitude of law, and decided to take action.


When the Master heard that the door had been burned cedar forest, he put all of his students. "We have to replant cedar trees," he said.

"The cedar?" shouted the students do not believe it. "But the trees it takes 2,000 years to grow up!"

"That is why," said the Master, "there can be no single minute wasted. We must immediately begin."


Read Changes in Viewing Changes

Changes in Viewing Changes

Read and observe the magnitude of the intensity changes in all fields, it can not be imagined before, if we would come to the order of this society. Although every effort has been deployed, the economy still has not moved as expected.

Merged into one, we do live in an age with a fixed menu in the form of change. In the past, between change and not change the results do not differ much. Now, anyone who does not change yourself, be crushed by the wheels of change.

Unfortunately, the natural human response - as has been known for a long time in many studies of change management - tend to put the changes as symptoms that interfere with comfort. Thus, almost any form of change faced with resistance everywhere.

In simple logic level, the rejection of this last model, you can look for is the element of uncertainty that presented the changes. 'Compared to uncertain change, more secure conditions without obvious changes result', thus roughly the argument many people.


Stickiness disrupt our perceptions, that's a theme that often arise in the discussion of the Master.

The students get a perfect example of when they hear the teacher asks a mother, "What circumstances Mother daughter?"

"O, my dear daughter? How lucky he is! He has a great husband, who gave him a car, diamonds, and the servants who serve them. The husband was serving breakfast in bed and my son could sleep until the afternoon lazing. How great man! "


Hermitage was the arrival of a lot of people that need to set up additional buildings. A trader issued a million dollar check and put it in front of the Master. The Master took it and said, "Good. I accept it."

Traders were disappointed. Which is a huge amount of money given and the Master does not say thank you to him.

"There are a million dollars in checks," he said.

"Yes, I see it."

"Even though I was a wealthy man, a million dollars is a big money."


"What would it take for someone to get enlightened?"
asked the students.

Said the Master, "You have to find what it is the fall in the water and does not cause a ripple; through the trees and do not make any noise entering the garden and not
wiggle the tip of grass. "

After weeks of contemplation without result, the students said, "What is it?"

"Something?" said the Master. "But it was not anything at all."

"Then, instead of nothing?"

Best Running Athletes World

Best Running Athletes World

Online Psychology

A few years ago, held a special olympics people - disabled in BHEROCK Koba. When it made the game run a distance of 100 meters. Nine runners have ready - ready at the start of each - each.

When the gun sign lit match, they all ran, although not exactly in line trajectory, but everything ran with a happy face towards the finish line and try to win the game. Unless, a runner, a boy, arrived - arrived he tripped and fell rolled several times. Then she cried.

Eight runners heard crying. They then slows their running and turn round. They all turned and ran toward the boy who fell on the ground.

Old grandma story of Madura

"A long time ago in a town in Madura, there was an old woman florist chrysolite. He sold his interest in the market, after the walk quite a distance. After the sale, he went to the Grand Mosque in the city. He ablutions, entered the mosque, and do Dhuhr prayer. after reading wird minimally, he came out of the mosque and bent - slouch in the courtyard of the mosque. he collected leaves were scattered in the yard of the mosque. a piece by piece dikaisnya. No one lembarpun he miss. of course a little longer he cleared the courtyard of the mosque in a way that . when the sun during the day madura was oppressive. her wet sweat all over his body.

Many visitors to the mosque fell sorry for him. takmir mosque one day decided to clean up the leaves that before the old woman came. On that day, he came and went straight into the mosque. after prayer, when he wanted to do his regular job, he was shocked. None of the leaves scattered on it. he returned to the mosque and crying loudly. He questioned why the leaves - it's been added to the leaves before his arrival. People - people explained that they were sorry for him. "If you pity me." said the old woman. "Give me a chance to clean it up."

Long story short, the grandmother was allowed to collect leaves it as usual. a respectable scholars were asked to ask the woman why she was so excited cleaning leaves - leaves it. The old woman would explain why the two conditions: first, only Kiai who listen to his secret; secondly, the secret is not to be distributed when he was alive. now he has passed away, and you can listen to the secret.


At that time the lecture time. The Master said, "The greatness of a composer known through the tones of his music, but to analyze the notes will not reveal
prowess. Poet grandeur contained in the words, but to learn the words are not going to reveal the inspiration. God reveals himself in creation, but
to examine carefully as any creation you will not find God; Thus, if you want to find the soul through a careful examination of the body. "

In the question and answer period, someone asked, "Well, how we will find God?"

"By looking at creation, but not by analyzing it."

"And how one should look at?"

weak = strong

Weakness or Strength

Once upon a time, in a small town in Japan, there is a child who stump of his left arm, but he was very fond of martial judo, and has been training at a dojo. During practice, the teacher only teaches one move alone. Although the moment it includes difficult to master, this child was not satisfied, because he saw other students learn various techniques. Finally, after 6 months, he was unable to hold patience. Then he went to the teacher; "Sensei, may I ask? Why during 6 months of this I just practicing this moment alone ". His teacher is only a short answer, "Because you are special students and only this moment that you need" He did not dare to ask and choose to practice diligently. The longer the moment it's getting mastered and ingrained in him. No one semahir him in using tactics TSB.

A year later, the teacher to include him in the national championship in the capital. Although feel pessimistic and insecure, he followed the request of the teacher and they went to the capital.

how to hug a porcupine

I do not love
Cassie waited with enthusiasm. His legs back and forth step
from the living room to the front door. He glanced at the house next highway. Not available. Cassie entered again. Out again. Not available. Log in again. Out again. So it went for nearly an hour. The voice that told him repeatedly Mbok to eat first digubrisnya not. 18:30. Tinnn Tiiiinnnnn ........... .............. !! Cassie small jump in delight! Mama home! Papa home! He saw two people he loved it into the house.

That one went straight to the bathroom. Which one threw himself on the couch while massaging head-sequence. The faces were tired after working all day, making a living for the family. For the little Cassie also that of course do not understand much. In the small brain, Cassie just know, he missed Mom and Dad, and he excited Mom and Dad come home.
"Mama, mama .... Mama, mama ...." Cassie gesticulating Mama. Mama did not say anything. Cassie anxiously asked, "Mama sick huh? Mananya sick? Mom, where does it hurt?" Mama did not answer. only
furrowed brow as he closed his eyes. Cassie intensified asked, "Mama, mama ... Where does it hurt? Cassie ambilin drugs huh? Yeah? Yeah?"

Just Because a korma

Completed Hajj, Ibrahim ibn Adham intending pilgrimage to the Aqsa Mosque in.

For lunch on the way, he bought 1 kg of dates from old merchant near the Grand Mosque.

Having weighed and wrapped dates, Abraham saw a date lying near the scales. Thought it was part of the dates that he bought, Abraham picked up and eat it.

After that he immediately went to the Al-Aqsa. 4 Months later, Ibrahim arrived at the Al-Aqsa. As usual, he likes to choose a place of worship in a room under the dome Sakhra. He would pray and pray fervently once. Suddenly he heard a conversation about her two Angels.

"That, Ibrahim ibn Adham, expert worship asceticism and prayer is always granted franchises that GOD Almighty," the angel said.


To a student who fear making mistakes Master said,

"Those who do not make a single mistake would make the biggest mistake: they do not try something new."



One day there was a robber who finds a message on the iron door of the houses of the famous
want dibobolnya:


When the robbers push the button, a bag of sand fall
overwrite. Immediately place was so bright and
sirens wake the whole neighborhood.

true victory

in the final race bike for 17 s,
four children were in the final,
but one of them did not look good at riding a bicycle,
he looks weak and not questioned by others,
even he underestimated by other participants,

but when going to start,
he asked a little time on the committee,
he was muttering to themselves - moving,
like reading spells,


On his return from the trip, I'll tell you one
My experience which I think is a parable about the way we live inihidup.

During the short break, I walked into the diner that looks good. There is a delicious soup, hot curry, and all kinds of dishes that completely tempting.

I ordered the soup.

"You passengers of the bus?" asked the waiter with a motherly tone. I nodded.

"No soup."

"If the hot rice curry?"
I asked with a sense of wonder.


Governor resign from high office and came to the Master, have taught.

"Teachings what do you want from me?" asked the Master.

"Wisdom," he said.

"Ah, my friends! How glad I was taught that if only there is not a big hurdle."

"What Are?"

Mother Forgive Me

On that night, Ana quarrel with his mother. Because very angry, Ana immediately leave the house without bringing anything. When walking on a street, he realized that he had ill bring money. When down a street, he passed a noodle shop and he smell the aroma of cooking.

He wanted to order a bowl of noodles, but he ill have money.

Shop owner saw Ana standing in front of her stall long enough, then said: "Miss, do you want to order a bowl of noodles?"

"Yes, but, I'm ill bring money" Ana replied shyly

"It's okay, I'll treat you" said the proprietor. "Please sit down, I'm going to cook noodles for you".

Not long after, the shop owner to deliver a bowl of noodles.

lie for the good mother

In our daily life, we believe that the lie will make a man collapsed in agony, but this story is just the opposite. With the existence of this lie, the real meaning of this lies precisely can open our eyes and be free from suffering, like an energy that is able to encourage the flowering of the most beautiful flower in the world.

The story began when I was a kid, I was born as a boy in a poor family. Even to eat alone, often lack. When eating, mother often gave me her portion of rice. While moving the rice into my bowl, the mother said:
"Eat, son, I'm not hungry" ---- LIE MOTHER'S FIRST

When I was growing up, persevering mother spend her spare time to go fishing in the pond dekiat home, she hoped that from the fish is, he can give a bit of nutritious food for petumbuhan. After fishing, mother cooking fish soup fresh and appetizing. While I was eating the soup, mother would sit beside me and eat the flesh of the fish are still attached to the bones, a former residual bone of the fish I eat. I saw it, the liver was also touched, then use sumpitku and gave it to my mother. But she quickly turned it down, he said:
"Eat, son, I do not like to eat fish" ---- LIE MOTHER SECOND


Deceptive clothes. A woman wearing a dress holding her faded and worn plainly dressed, got off the train in Boston, and walked timidly toward the Chief's office at Harvard University. They asked for an appointment.
The secretary got the impression that they are the village, hick, so there can be no business at Harvard and probably not even deserve to be in Cambridge.

"We want to see the president," the man said softly.
"He's a busy day," the secretary snapped.
"We will wait," replied the woman.
For 4 hours, the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged and go away. But it's not. The secretary grew frustrated and finally decided to report to the leaders.

"Maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they'll go," he said at the Harvard Leadership. He sighed in exasperation and nodded. As important as the person he would not have time for them. And when he saw two men dressed in faded and worn clothes outside his office, his displeasure already appeared. The president, with a stern face toward the couple.


                                               Online Psychology

I do not like going to people who are constantly late in sadness or anger.

"Hurt it does not matter if you are no longer forced to remember"

Read same but different

same but different

On this occasion, I would like to share a little story that may inspire you've ever heard.
There are 3 cans of coca cola, three cans were produced in the same factory. When the day arrived, a truck came to the factory, carrying cans of coca cola and go to different places for distribution.

The first stop was a local supermarket. The first coca cola cans down here. The cans on the shelves along with other coca cola cans and given the price of Rp. 5,000.

Second stop is a large shopping center. There, both derived cans. The cans are placed in the refrigerator so that the cold and sold at Rp. 8,000.

son of india

My wife said to me who was reading a newspaper. How long will you read the newspaper? Please have you come here and help your daughter dear to eat. I put the paper and see my daughter satu2nya, name Sindu looked frightened, tears flooding in the future there is a bowl of rice containing rice sour milk / yogurt (typical Indian rice / curd rice). Sindu sweet child and including the smart new age 8 years. He really does not like to eat this rice curd. Mother and wife are still old-fashioned, they believe it when eating curd rice is no "cooling effect".

I took the bowl and said Sindu dear, for the father, would you eat a few spoonfuls of this curd rice? If not, then your mother will be the same teriak2 father.

I could feel my wife's scowl behind my back. Sindu tears subsided and he wiped tears away with his hand, and said "may be my father eating curd rice is not just a couple of spoons but everything will I spend, but I would ask" rather ragu2 moment "will ask the same thing if the father exhausted all the rice . What father would promise to meet my request? "
Aku menjawab “oh pasti, sayang.”
Sindu asked again, "ya right dad?"

Crow stories are not self-conscious child

One evening an old man along with her young son who recently graduated from high school sat chatting in the yard, watching the atmosphere around them. Suddenly a crow perched on a twig close staple.

The father and pointed a finger at the raven as he asked, "Son, what is it?"
"Crow", replied the boy. The father nodded, but a moment later once again repeating the same question. The boy thought his father's lack of men hear her answer and replied with a little strong, "That crow, Dad!"

But a moment later the father asked the same question. The boy felt a little wrong and a little confused with the same question repeated, then answered with a more powerful, "crow !!"

The father was silent immediately. But not long after his father once again asking similar questions to make the child lost patience and replied with an irritated tone to the father, "That crow, Dad."

the real truth

Online Psychology

The students feel offended by seeing the teachings of the Guru made a laughingstock in a national magazine.

The Master was not disturbed at all. "Do something be really true," he said, "if nobody laughing at?"

Read Amazing father

Amazing father

It turns out that Dad was Amazing

The father wanted his children to have more opportunities than he, faced fewer difficulties, more is not dependent on the
anyone - and (but) always requires his presence.

Dad let you win the game when you were little,
but he does not want you to let him win when you have a large.

Father did not exist in the family photo album, because he always photographed.

Dad always on the promise! He will keep his promise to help a friend, despite your invitation to go is actually more fun.

Dad always a little sad when he saw his children go to play
with friends mereka.karena he realized it was the end of childhood
they are.

Lost Story Watches

There was a carpenter. One time while working, unintentionally dropped his watch and immersed in the high pile of sawdust. The watch was a gift and had worn long enough. He greatly loved the watch. Therefore he tried wherever possible to rediscover his watch. While complaining blame yourself negligence carpenter powder pile it high dismantle it.
Friends of other workers who also helped look for her. But in vain. The beloved timepiece remains found. Came at lunchtime. The workers and owners of the watch with the flagging spirit leaves the wood workshop.

When the child who had been watching them search for the watch, approached the pile of sawdust. He kneel on the ground and looking. Not long ago he had found the watch back the favorite carpenter. Of the carpenter was very happy. But he was also surprised, because before a lot of people have unload a pile of powder, but in vain. But it's just a child alone, and managed to find the watch.

"How do you look for this watch?", Asked the carpenter.


Once upon a time, there lived a large apple tree and boys happy
playing around under the tree every day.
He was happy to climb up to the top of the tree, eat the fruit,
dozing in the shade of leafy leaves. The boy was very
love the apple tree. Similarly, the apple trees are very loving child
that small. Time flies. The boy was now grown large and
no longer play around with the apple tree every day.

One day he went to the apple tree. His face looked sad. "Come over here
and play with me, "pleaded the apple tree. "I'm not a little girl
that tinkering with the tree again, "the boy said." I want to
once had a toy, but I had no money to buy it. "

Vietnam War Disabled Children

"Huuu ... .uuura!" The cry of delight from a mother who received a telegram from his son who has had a tahun2 disappear. Moreover, he was the son satu2nya. It's known the child is going to the war assigned
Vietnam in the past 4 years and since the last 3 years, parents do not have any news again from its single son TSB. Thus alleged that her fall on the battlefield. You can imagine how happy feeling Mom TSB. In TSB telegram stated that her son will be home tomorrow.

The next day everything has been prepared for the coming of the son of a single favorite, even in the evening will be held a special party for him, where the whole family or business rekan2 of her husband invited all. It's known her husband was a director of the Bank which is popular throughout the capital. At noon, the mother received a call from her son who had been
at the airport.



Online Psychology

Yan Hui is the favorite disciple of Confucius who likes to learn, good nature. On a day when Yan Hui was on duty, he saw a fabric store are dikerumunin many people. He approached and found a buyer and seller of arguing.

Buyer shouted: "3x8 = 23, why did you say 24?

"Yan Hui approached buyers cloth and said:" My friend, 3x8 = 24, do not have to be debated again ".

Fabric buyers are not happy then pointed nose Yan Hui and said: "Who asked you think? If want to ask the opinion should be requested to Confucius. True or false Confucius entitled to say".

Yan Hui: "Well, if Confucius says you're wrong, how?"

Buyer fabric: "If Confucius said I was wrong, I cut my head for you. If you are wrong, how?"

Yan Hui: "If I was wrong, my position for you".

Both agreed to bet, then went in search of Confucius. After Confucius knew seated problem, Confucius said:
to Yan Hui, laughing: "3x8 = 23. Yan Hui, you lose. kasihkan your office to him." Forever Yan Hui will not argue with the teacher. When he heard Confucius say he was wrong, then he lowered his hat to give to the buyer fabric.
The man took his hat and passed by Yan Hui Yan Hui puas.Walaupun accept Confucius assessment but his heart did not agree. He felt old and senile Confucius so that he no longer wanted to learn from him. Yan Hui asked for leave of absence for reasons of family matters. Confucius knows the hearts of Yan Hui and gave him leave. Before leaving, Yan Hui farewell and Confucius asked him quickly back after business was complete, and gave Yan Hui two advice: "When the heavy rains, do not take shelter under a tree. And do not kill."
Yan Hui said okay and then go up.