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Touch Story ( True Story )

Touch Story ( True Story )

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This note from a sahabat.Insya God can be learned and apologize if someone has ever received this email.

Five years ago, God has called people that I love, I often wonder how my wife's situation is now in heaven, well all? He must be very sad because it was left alone a husband who is not capable of taking care of the home and a child who is still so small. That's how I feel, as long as I feel that I have failed, can not meet the physical and spiritual needs of my children, and failed to become a father and mother to my children.

On one day, there are important matters at work, I had to immediately go to the office, my son was still asleep. Ohhh ... I have to provide a meal for him. Because there was still some rice, so I fry an egg for him to eat. After telling my children were sleepy, then I rushed off to work. I led a double role, makes really drained my energy. One day when I came home from work I feel very tired, after working all day. Just glance I hugged and kissed my son, I immediately went into the bedroom, and skip dinner. However, when I lay down to bed with a view to nap eliminate fatigue, suddenly I felt something was broken and spilled like warm liquid! I opened the blanket and ... .. that's where the source 'masalah'nya ... a broken bowl with instant noodles that mess in the sheets and blankets!

Dear Allah ..! I was so angry, I took a clothes hanger, and immediately showered my son who is happy playing with his toys, with blows! She just cried, not asking for mercy at all, he just gave a brief explanation:

"Dad, did I feel hungry and nothing else the rest of the rice. But the father was not home yet, so I want to cook instant noodles. I remember, my father once said to not touch or use a gas stove with no adults around, then I turn on the machine's water supply and use hot water to cook the noodles. One for the father and the other one for me ... Because I'm afraid mie'nya will be cold, so I put it under my blanket to keep warm until father home. But I forgot to remind dad because I was playing with my toys ... I'm sorry Dad ... "

Instantly, tears started streaming down my cheeks ... but, I do not want my daughter to see her father cry then I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower crying in the bathroom to cover the sound of my tears. After some time, I approached my son, hugged him tightly and give him medicine on dipantatnya punch wounds, and I persuaded him to sleep. Then I clean up spills noodles in bed. When everything is finished and after midnight, I passed my daughter's room, and saw my son was crying, not because of the pain in the ass, but because he was looking at his beloved mother photo.

One year passed since that incident, I tried, in this period, to focus attention by giving him the love of a father and a mother's love, and attention to all their needs. Imperceptibly, my seven-year-old, and will be graduating from kindergarten. Fortunately, the incident happened not leave bad memories of his childhood, and he had grown up with happiness.
But ... not long ago, I've hit my son again, I'm really sorry .... Kindergarten teacher called me and told me that my child is absent from school. I came home early from work, I hope he can explain. But he was not at home, I went looking around our house, Calling out his name and eventually found himself in a stationery shop, playing computer games with delight. I'm angry, take it home and showered him with blows.

He was silent and then said, "I'm sorry, Dad". After some time I investigated, it turns out he was absent from the show "talent show" organized by the school, for students who are invited to his mother. And that's the reason for his absence because he did not have a mother ... .. A few days after the judgment with the strokes of the cane, my son came home to tell me, that school's started to be taught how to read and write. Since then, my son more shut himself in his room to practice writing, which I believe, if my wife was there and saw it he would feel proud, of course, she made me proud too!

Time passes by so quickly, one year has passed. Currently the winter, and day of Eid also has arrived. but astagfirulloh, my son made the problem again. When I'm completion of work in the last days of work, suddenly call the post office. Because delivery of mail is experiencing its peak, the postman also're in the middle, their mood became less nice. They called me to get angry, to tell that my son has sent several letters without address. Although I had promised to never hit my son again, but I could not resist the temptation to hit him again, because I feel that this child is completely outrageous. But once again, as before, he apologized: "Sorry, Dad". No additional one word to explain the reason for doing it.

After that I went to the post office to pick up the letters without the address of the home. Arriving at the house, with angry I encourage my child to the corner to question him, especially this ridiculous act? What is in his head? The answer, in the middle of the sob-tears, are: "The letters to the mother ... ..". Suddenly my eyes filled with tears. .... but I try to control emotions and kept asking him: "But why do you post so many letters, at the same time?" my answer was: "I have written a letter for the mother for a long time, but every time I want to reach out to the box post it, too high for me, so I can not post my letters. But recently, when I returned to the postbox, I could reach the box and I send them all at once ". After hearing this explanation, I'm lost for words, I'm confused, do not know what I should do, and what should I say .... I told my son, "Son, the mother was already in heaven, so henceforth, if you want to write something for mom, enough to burn the letter, the letter will be up to the mother. Upon hearing this, my son became more calm, and soon after that, he was able to sleep well. I promised to burn the letters in his name, so I brought these letters to the outside, but .... I was so curious to not open the letter before they turn into ashes.
Dan salah satu dari isi surat-suratnya membuat hati saya hancur……

'Mother dear', I really miss you! Today, there is an event 'Performing Talent' in schools, and invite all mothers to be present at the show. But you're not there, so I do not want to attend as well. I did not tell my father about it because I was afraid my father would begin to cry and miss you again. When it is to hide the sadness, I sat at the computer and started playing games at one of the shops. Dad goes around all looking for me, after my father found me angry, and I can only silence, the father beat me, but I did not tell him the real reason. Mother, every day I see the father miss you, every time he thought of you, it is so sad and often hide and cry in her room. I think we were both very, very missed. Too heavy for both of us, I guess. But mom, I'm starting to forget your face. Can the mother appeared in my dreams so I can see your face and remember mom? My friend said if you fall asleep with the photo where you want, then you will see that person in your dreams. But mom, why do you never appear?

After reading the letter, tears can not stop because I could never replace the irreplaceable gap since abandoned by my wife ....

For the husband, who had been awarded a good wife, to the wife, who has been awarded a good husband, always thank-is love every day to your spouse. He was willing to spend the rest of his life to accompany your life, help you, support you, spoil you, guide you and always faithful waiting, maintain and care for yourself and your children. Respect existence, love and love him all your life with warts and all, because if you've lost him, no gold jewels, diamonds who can replace him




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