weak = strong

Weakness or Strength

Once upon a time, in a small town in Japan, there is a child who stump of his left arm, but he was very fond of martial judo, and has been training at a dojo. During practice, the teacher only teaches one move alone. Although the moment it includes difficult to master, this child was not satisfied, because he saw other students learn various techniques. Finally, after 6 months, he was unable to hold patience. Then he went to the teacher; "Sensei, may I ask? Why during 6 months of this I just practicing this moment alone ". His teacher is only a short answer, "Because you are special students and only this moment that you need" He did not dare to ask and choose to practice diligently. The longer the moment it's getting mastered and ingrained in him. No one semahir him in using tactics TSB.

A year later, the teacher to include him in the national championship in the capital. Although feel pessimistic and insecure, he followed the request of the teacher and they went to the capital.

Championship begins. In amazement, he could easily drop and lock his opponents. Round-by-round he went through, until finally he had to face last year's champion in the final round. Although quite a time consuming and exhausted, he again won the match.

On the way home, while discussing and evaluating the fight, the boy asked again "Sensei, I wonder, why this capital only one moment only I could win the match. I still do not understand the words Sensei first, what is so special to me and why only one this moment? "

The Sensei smiled and said; "My students, how to fight every person is unique, depending on the strength and weaknesses. Martial arts practitioners need to learn a variety of techniques and tactics until she found the strength and weaknesses and finally choose the appropriate technique and tactics, namely teknik2 who utilize kekuatanya and shortfalls or even change it as strength ".

"You are special, because it's obvious shortcomings. Eliminating the need for you to spend time to learn various tricks and techniques that will certainly not you need. And the moment it is best suited for you, because in addition to the moment one of the most difficult moment in Judo, the only way to cope is to lock your left arm ".

Sometimes people think that the drawbacks is punishment, curse and regret. In fact, in this world there are so many possibilities and can not all be achieved. People who understand the shortcomings should be aware of things that are impossible he did and did not waste any more time to pursue it. And those who champion the people who use the maximum strength and also successfully used as much as possible weaknesses.


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