reflected a moment

reflected a moment
Online Psychology

the beauty of change towards goodness

first school we have a lot of dreams
but now the ideals and even then change with rotation of the earth and time

many people are looking for money
find a job
day and night without stopping
want to enrich themselves
want to enjoy the wealth

worked tirelessly
regardless of any block

now there are many people who are aware
for what they used to be constantly looking for money
if later end up like this
(lying at home or in hospital)

a lot of money
wealth is sought during this
just streets

work without seeing health
property acquired only to be spent
only for treatment
only to care for themselves due to work without seeing health

Psychology of our Life
what advice can be taken?

how great? ? ?

how great? ? ?

Online Psychology

yesterday I saw somebody could fly
yesterday I saw no alligators eat buffalo
yesterday I saw somebody could ngilang
yesterday I saw a snake eating deer

it was great
but how good? ?

yesterday there was a rich man suddenly
yesterday there were air-billion-billion corruption