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Changes in Viewing Changes

Read and observe the magnitude of the intensity changes in all fields, it can not be imagined before, if we would come to the order of this society. Although every effort has been deployed, the economy still has not moved as expected.

Merged into one, we do live in an age with a fixed menu in the form of change. In the past, between change and not change the results do not differ much. Now, anyone who does not change yourself, be crushed by the wheels of change.

Unfortunately, the natural human response - as has been known for a long time in many studies of change management - tend to put the changes as symptoms that interfere with comfort. Thus, almost any form of change faced with resistance everywhere.

In simple logic level, the rejection of this last model, you can look for is the element of uncertainty that presented the changes. 'Compared to uncertain change, more secure conditions without obvious changes result', thus roughly the argument many people.

However, now his time has been another. Current conditions are not changed as uncertain as the condition when the change is made. As the ship would sink. Unchanged surely drown. Change is also not necessarily give better results.

Progress will be more in favor of those who dare to make a difference. Compared revamped, better change yourself and the situation. Here are some useful things we ponder:

First, be aware from the outset that the present reality in our heads is not limited to what we perceive. Not limited to what we know. Go out away from the perception and what we know. Perform experiments and exploration could.

For example, you are dealing with the issues laid off. Perceptions you say that this would be the beginning of a life of uncertainty.

If you agree with me to get out of the perception and experience, use the momentum of this layoff as a turning point in life. If you normally get up at 6: 00, now get up earlier. If you usually go home at 18: 00, now returned more soluble. Do not forget, the contents of the entire time with effort and time investment. Do all of this as a useful hobby acted upon.

Second, if a failure time, say thank you to each failure. Therefore, he has been taught to us many ways that do not work. For then, constantly looking for.

Third, there is a lot of magic that comes in life when we communicate intensively with yourself. Spend at least thirty minutes a day to talk with the me. In particular, with regard to the changes that we do today.

The question is not how many changes were made today. However, how intensely we learn of the change today.

Fourth, have as much freedom to choose. Get rid of things that could reduce our freedom. This is necessary, because the limitations, we were installing a lot of horses do not need glasses. For example, if it turns out loss lest all savings depleted. If still unemployed came out without any cost benefit useful. As far as we do with calculations that we believe appropriate, take with confidence.

Fifth, as our physical bodies are actually shrink when it was never used, as well as the ability of imagination. The more widely used, it will have a range of increasingly distant from day to day. The more so when it is wrapped by a strong belief factor.

However, the experience later noted, it is the courage to change the potential capabilities into reality. For then, give colorful in later life.

So, what I mean by a change in the view changes, start with courage, then we will find the changes.


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