true victory

in the final race bike for 17 s,
four children were in the final,
but one of them did not look good at riding a bicycle,
he looks weak and not questioned by others,
even he underestimated by other participants,

but when going to start,
he asked a little time on the committee,
he was muttering to themselves - moving,
like reading spells,

the race begins,
unexpectedly by the audience, and even that has been underestimated by the other participants,
he had been the winner,

when the distribution of prizes,
his dialogue with the committee,
"congratulations, you definitely win because before you had time to pray to God so that you can win", said the committee.
"Sorry sir, I was just praying, if I lose, I was given the fortitude that I do not cry," the boy said.
so that the current division into silence.




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