Amazing father

It turns out that Dad was Amazing

The father wanted his children to have more opportunities than he, faced fewer difficulties, more is not dependent on the
anyone - and (but) always requires his presence.

Dad let you win the game when you were little,
but he does not want you to let him win when you have a large.

Father did not exist in the family photo album, because he always photographed.

Dad always on the promise! He will keep his promise to help a friend, despite your invitation to go is actually more fun.

Dad always a little sad when he saw his children go to play
with friends mereka.karena he realized it was the end of childhood
they are.

Dad started planning your life to know that your mother was pregnant
(mengandungmu), but once you were born, he began to make revisions.

Dad helps make dreams come true even he too could
convince you to do things that are impossible, like swimming in the water after he melepaskanya.

Dad may not know the answer to everything, but it helps you to look.

Dad may look fierce in your eyes, but in the eyes of your friends and loved him look good.

The father later got a friend, but he was best friends for life

Dad really happy to help someone ... but it is difficult to ask

Father in the kitchen. Make cooking such as scientific exploration.
He had formulas and formulas racikannya own, and only he
alone understand how to solve the complicated equations.
And the result? ... .mmmmhhh ... "Not too disappointing" ^ _ ~

Father may never touch a broom when he was young, but he
can learn quickly.

Father knows best how to push the swing high enough to
make you happy but not afraid.

Dad would be very happy to buy food after she got home from work, although he could not even part of the food

Dad always pray that we will be successful in the world and the hereafter, although we rarely even rarely pray for him

Dad will give you the best seat to carry you on his shoulders, when the parade passed.
Dad will not spoil you when you're sick, but he will not be
sleep all night. Who knows you need it.
Dad holds them to be independent, so he does not want to
tell you what you should do, but he would express disapproval.
The father believes people should be timely. therefore he is always early
waiting for you.
He would forget what he wants, in order to provide what is
you need ... ..
He stopped what he was doing, if you want
talk ...

He always thought and worked hard to pay your spp each
semesters, although you never help calculate how
many wrinkles on his forehead ....

Father of the heavy lifting wrapped her arms around the shoulders with the load ....

Dad would say,, just ask your mother "
When he wants to say,, not "

Dad was never angry, but will face very red in the face when the daughter staying at a friend's house without permission

And that he almost never get angry, but when her son
kepregok smoke cigarettes in the bathroom.

Dad said,, it's okay to take a little risk as long as you
afford to lose what you expect "

The best compliment for a father was when he saw you do
something good just like the way ....

Dad is proud of your accomplishments, rather than his own achievement ....

Dad just will menyalamimu when you first go wander
leaving the house, because if she did she hug may not
will never be able to remove it.

Dad does not like to shed tears ....
when you were born, and he heard you cry for the first
time, he was very happy that the water out of his eyes
(ssst..tapi once again this is not crying)

when you were little, he can hold you to repel flavor
... when you dream of your piety will kill the monsters ...
but ... ..ternyata she could cry and could not sleep all
night, when girls favorite in the seacoast not apprise
for nearly a month.

Dad once said: "if you want to get
sword sharp and high quality, do not look for it on the market
moreover Junkman, but come and order directly from clever
iron. as well as with love and friends in your life, if you want
mendaptkan true love someday, then asked for and book on The
created "

For the future of her son's father told:,, be more robust and
brave than me, choose a mother to your children someday woman
better than your mother, give better for law and
my grandchildren, rather than what that had me give you "

And for the future of her daughter's father advised: "Do not cry baby
even if you're a woman, always be my little angel and angel
best to father your children someday! men are more able to
protect exceed protection father, but never you
replace the position of father in your heart "

My father insisted, that your children will have to be better
than you're used to ....

The father can make you confident ...
because he believed you ...

Dad did not try to be the best, but he's just trying to
do your best ....

And most importantly ...
Dad never put you to love God, even he will throw a thousand ways that you can reach his love, because he too loves you because of His love.


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