poison Healer

This story happened in China in ancient times. There was a woman named Ling-ling, she is the wife of Aloy, a man whose life is well established, and has a mother. Ling-ling, is a good wife. But he felt that the law, the mother of her husband Aloy, so do not like it. He felt that whatever he did wrong before the law. Ling-ling feel that this law is very unpleasant. He felt that he could not fit in with the mother-in-law. Their personalities are different. Ling-ling was criticized continued by this law. Time is running, day to day, week to week, month to month, Ling-ling felt it was no longer comfortable with this law. Although not quarrel mouth, but an atmosphere of mutual silence took place between Ling-ling and law. This atmosphere also makes Aloy awry and unsettled. Finally Ling-ling feel not stand the attitude of law, and decided to take action.

Ling-ling finally decided to meet Mr.Li, a good friend of his father, who had a business of traditional Chinese medicine. He lamented, tell all the bad things he felt the attitude of law, and hope that Mr.Li want to give it a poison for this law so that all the commotion and tension can be lost. Mr.Li paused to listen to all the speeches Ling-ling, then he said, "Okay, I'll help you. I will give you a powerful poison made-in-law. Poison that kills slowly, so do not suddenly, so as not to arouse suspicion people. This poison will work a year, so if you came into use, a year later people are consuming this poison will die. Well, you should do what I suggest, you willing? " "Yes, I am willing Mr.Li. .. I will do anything that tensions exist for this could be lost, "said Ling-ling. "Ok. You masakkan good food-good for the in-laws, and mix these toxins in your food every day, so these toxins work bit by bit. Well, not to arouse suspicion of people at the time he died, you should be nice and act friendly towards the in-laws. Do not argue with her, obey her words, treat him as you treat your mother's father, "said Ling-ling Mr.Li on. "Ok. I will do what Mr.Li suggest, "said Ling-ling while receiving the poison. Then he went home with radiant. He also did so Mr.Li. He every day cook foods good for law, and to be kind and friendly to the law. He also avoid debate by law. He learned to control his emotions, respect law, so that people are not suspicious of him later.

Day after day passed, weeks passed, month after month passed. Ling-ling to be nice to her mother in law, serve well, cook delicious meals every day, and do not argue anymore. He has learned to control his emotions, treat the mother-in-law as her own.
Ten months passed. Houses are usually full of tension and violence, be peaceful and quiet. Never again heard bickering between Ling-ling and law. Although there are differences of opinion, Ling-ling is no longer argue with the law, which now looks much more friendly, nice, tasty and easy to talk to company. Everything changes. The attitude of the mother-in-law turned away felt Ling-ling. Law has been very good and has a personality that was fun, just like her mother Ling-ling. -Law continues to tell his friends that Ling-ling is a good law. Their relationship goes like a mother and child.

Entering the 11th month, Ling-ling feel uneasy. He felt a great sinner has given poison in-law who turns out to be good and have fun on her personality. He was rushed to Mr.Li for help. "Mr.Li ... please help me. I feel guilty at all for my mother-in-law. I have given the poison that had I asked, for 11 months running this. My husband's mother is very well and appreciate all opinions-opinion. I beg to Mr.Li can provide an antidote for the poison I gave it .. I need ... I do not want my mother-in-law died ... I mohon..tolong provide an antidote ... "Pinta Ling-ling on Mr.Li. Mr.Li just smiled, "Ling-ling, you should not worry. I never gave you the poison that you give to the mother-in-law. I give out and you mix it into your cooking is a vitamin. The only poison that ever existed is in the mind and attitude to it. But all of them are now gone thanks to the love that you give to the mother-in-law ..

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