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Yan Hui is the favorite disciple of Confucius who likes to learn, good nature. On a day when Yan Hui was on duty, he saw a fabric store are dikerumunin many people. He approached and found a buyer and seller of arguing.

Buyer shouted: "3x8 = 23, why did you say 24?

"Yan Hui approached buyers cloth and said:" My friend, 3x8 = 24, do not have to be debated again ".

Fabric buyers are not happy then pointed nose Yan Hui and said: "Who asked you think? If want to ask the opinion should be requested to Confucius. True or false Confucius entitled to say".

Yan Hui: "Well, if Confucius says you're wrong, how?"

Buyer fabric: "If Confucius said I was wrong, I cut my head for you. If you are wrong, how?"

Yan Hui: "If I was wrong, my position for you".

Both agreed to bet, then went in search of Confucius. After Confucius knew seated problem, Confucius said:
to Yan Hui, laughing: "3x8 = 23. Yan Hui, you lose. kasihkan your office to him." Forever Yan Hui will not argue with the teacher. When he heard Confucius say he was wrong, then he lowered his hat to give to the buyer fabric.
The man took his hat and passed by Yan Hui Yan Hui puas.Walaupun accept Confucius assessment but his heart did not agree. He felt old and senile Confucius so that he no longer wanted to learn from him. Yan Hui asked for leave of absence for reasons of family matters. Confucius knows the hearts of Yan Hui and gave him leave. Before leaving, Yan Hui farewell and Confucius asked him quickly back after business was complete, and gave Yan Hui two advice: "When the heavy rains, do not take shelter under a tree. And do not kill."
Yan Hui said okay and then go up.

In the course tiba2 high winds accompanied by lightning, would appear to have heavy rain. Yan Hui wanted to take shelter under a tree but tiba2 remember the advice of Confucius and inwardly thought to obey the teacher said once again. He left the tree. Not long ago he went, lightning struck and trees were destroyed. Yan Hui, shocked, advice already proven his first teacher.

Am I going to kill people? Yan Hui reached his home was late and did not want to disturb her sleep. He uses his sword to open his room. Once in front of the bed, he reached over and found no one on the left side of the bed and the other on the right side. He was very angry, and would draw his sword. At the time of going to thrust his sword, he remembered again the advice of Confucius, do not kill. He then lit a candle and it turns out that his wife is sleeping beside his wife's sister.

On the next day, Yan Hui back to Confucius, knelt down and said: "Master, how do teachers know what is going to happen?"

Confucius said: "Yesterday was very hot, is expected to go down as a thunderstorm, so the teacher to remind you not to take shelter under a tree. You go with anger yesterday and carrying a sword, then teachers warn you not to kill".
Yan Hui said: "Teacher, great perkiraanmu once, student is amazed."
Confucius says: "I know you asked for leave of absence is not due to family matters. You do not want to learn from me. Try it you think. Yesterday the teacher says 3x8 = 23 is true, you lose and lose your office. But if the teacher says 3x8 = 24 is true, Cain purchaser who lost and that means it will disappear one's life. Do you think your office is more important or losing one's life is more important? "
Yan Hui, aware of the mistake and said: "Teachers are more concerned with the major, students even think teachers are old and senile. Students benar2 shame."

Since then, wherever Confucius go Yan Hui always followed.
This story reminds us:
Even if I bet and win the whole world, but I miss you, what does it mean.
In other words, you bet to win what you think is the truth, but instead lost something more important.
Many things there are levels of importance. Do not bet mati2an gara2 to the principles of truth, but eventually even regret, come too late.
Many unnecessary things at stake. Step back, instead obtained is good for everyone.

Insist against the customer. We won, but actually lost as well.
Insisted against superiors. We won, but actually lost as well.
Insisted against her husband. We won, but actually lost as well.
Adamant against a friend. We won, but actually lost too
Victory is not about medals, but the first is a victory for himself and more important victory in the liver.

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