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Just Because a korma

Completed Hajj, Ibrahim ibn Adham intending pilgrimage to the Aqsa Mosque in.

For lunch on the way, he bought 1 kg of dates from old merchant near the Grand Mosque.

Having weighed and wrapped dates, Abraham saw a date lying near the scales. Thought it was part of the dates that he bought, Abraham picked up and eat it.

After that he immediately went to the Al-Aqsa. 4 Months later, Ibrahim arrived at the Al-Aqsa. As usual, he likes to choose a place of worship in a room under the dome Sakhra. He would pray and pray fervently once. Suddenly he heard a conversation about her two Angels.

"That, Ibrahim ibn Adham, expert worship asceticism and prayer is always granted franchises that GOD Almighty," the angel said.

"But not anymore. Prayer was rejected because four months ago he takes a date that falls from the table an old merchant near the Grand Mosque," answered the angel that one again ..

Ibrahim ibn Adham surprised at all, he was shocked, so for 4 months this worship, prayer, prayer and other deeds may not be accepted by GOD Almighty because consuming a date that is not right.

"Astaghfirullahal adzhim" Ibrahim beristighfar.

He immediately packed up to go back to Mecca to meet old merchant sellers dates. To request a date that has been permitted swallowed.

Once in Mecca he went straight to the palm seller, but he did not find the old merchant, but a young child. "4 months ago I bought here dates from an old merchant. Where he is now?" asked Ibrahim.

"It died a month ago, I now continue to work to trade dates" replied the young man.

"Innalillahi wa innailaihi roji'un, if so to whom I ask penghalalan?". Then Ibrahim tells the events that happened, the young man listened intently.

"Well, that" Ibrahim said after telling him, "You as a parent's heirs, will you justify a date belongs to my father who already eat without his permission?".

"For me it does not matter. I made lawful GOD willing. But somehow with my brothers numbering 11 people.

I dare not aspire their right names because they have the same inheritance rights with me. "" Where is the address of your brothers? let me meet them one by one. "

After receiving the address, Ibrahim bin adham went to see. Let apart, finally finished. All agree menghalakan a date of their father who ingested by ibrahim.

4 months later, Ibrahim bin adham already under Sakhra dome.

Suddenly he heard two angels who first heard again and chatting.

"That ibrahim bin adham who rejected his prayer gara gara eat a date belongs to someone else."

"Oh, no .., now his prayer has been accepted again, he has got penghalalan of the heirs of the owners of dates it .. Self and soul clean Ibrahim has now returned from a date dirt unlawful because it still belongs to someone else.

Now he is free. "

In another hadith, he said; 'Who are depriving Muslims with his oath, God requires him to go to hell and go to heaven forbid. A man asked, although slightly O Messenger of Allah? The Prophet replied, although a stick a toothpick. '

(Reported by Muslim).

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