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Lost Story Watches

There was a carpenter. One time while working, unintentionally dropped his watch and immersed in the high pile of sawdust. The watch was a gift and had worn long enough. He greatly loved the watch. Therefore he tried wherever possible to rediscover his watch. While complaining blame yourself negligence carpenter powder pile it high dismantle it.
Friends of other workers who also helped look for her. But in vain. The beloved timepiece remains found. Came at lunchtime. The workers and owners of the watch with the flagging spirit leaves the wood workshop.

When the child who had been watching them search for the watch, approached the pile of sawdust. He kneel on the ground and looking. Not long ago he had found the watch back the favorite carpenter. Of the carpenter was very happy. But he was also surprised, because before a lot of people have unload a pile of powder, but in vain. But it's just a child alone, and managed to find the watch.

"How do you look for this watch?", Asked the carpenter.

"I just sat quietly on the floor. In the silence I could hear the tik-tak, tik-tak. With that I know where my watch it was, "the boy replied.

The silence is the most difficult homework completed during life. Often we unconsciously fall into the thousand and one 'busyness and noise'. It's good we soothe ourselves first before start stepping face any problems. "Handful with quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind." (Ecclesiastes 4: 6). "




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