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carrots, eggs, and coffee

A child complained to her father about her life difficult. He did not know what else to do and want to give up. He was tired of fighting. Every time a problem is solved, other problems arise. Her father, a cook, smiled and took his daughter to the kitchen. He then took three pots, each filled with water and put it on the stove. A few moments later the water was boiling pots. In the first pot, he put the carrots. Then, in the second he put the egg pan. And, in the third pot he put some coffee beans tumbuk.Ia let each boiling During that time he was silent stonewalling. The child menggereget teeth, not Patiently wait and wonder to what is done by his father. Twenty minutes later, the father put the fire out. Then menyiduk carrots from the pan and puts them on a plate. Then he took the eggs and puts them on the same plate. He last coffee filter placed on the plate as well. He then turned to her and asked, "What are you, son?" "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," she replied. He led her closer and asked her to hold the carrot. The boy did as he asked and said that they were soft. Then the father asked his son broke the egg. After the egg was broken and peeled, the child said that the poached egg was now feels hard. The boy smiled when tasting the delicious aroma of coffee. "What does all this mean, father?" Asked the boy. The father explained that every object had been through the same thing, which is boiled in boiling water, but after boiling it they turn into something different. Carrots were originally strong and hard, after boiled in boiling water, turn into soft and weak. While eggs, on the contrary, the original fragile, now after boiling become hard and solid. While coffee beans mashed turned into a very unique. Coffee beans, boiled, even changing the water to boil it. "So, which one are you?" Asked the father to his son. "At the moment the difficulties confronting your ways, change what is happening to you? Did you become a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? "


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