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Old grandma story of Madura

"A long time ago in a town in Madura, there was an old woman florist chrysolite. He sold his interest in the market, after the walk quite a distance. After the sale, he went to the Grand Mosque in the city. He ablutions, entered the mosque, and do Dhuhr prayer. after reading wird minimally, he came out of the mosque and bent - slouch in the courtyard of the mosque. he collected leaves were scattered in the yard of the mosque. a piece by piece dikaisnya. No one lembarpun he miss. of course a little longer he cleared the courtyard of the mosque in a way that . when the sun during the day madura was oppressive. her wet sweat all over his body.

Many visitors to the mosque fell sorry for him. takmir mosque one day decided to clean up the leaves that before the old woman came. On that day, he came and went straight into the mosque. after prayer, when he wanted to do his regular job, he was shocked. None of the leaves scattered on it. he returned to the mosque and crying loudly. He questioned why the leaves - it's been added to the leaves before his arrival. People - people explained that they were sorry for him. "If you pity me." said the old woman. "Give me a chance to clean it up."

Long story short, the grandmother was allowed to collect leaves it as usual. a respectable scholars were asked to ask the woman why she was so excited cleaning leaves - leaves it. The old woman would explain why the two conditions: first, only Kiai who listen to his secret; secondly, the secret is not to be distributed when he was alive. now he has passed away, and you can listen to the secret.

"I'm a stupid woman, sir Kiai." he said. "I know my deeds are small it might also not true that I run. I can not be saved at the last day without the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad Kanjeng. Every time I take a leaf, I say the blessings on the Prophet. Later, if I die, I Kanjeng prophet wanted to pick me up. Let all those leaves testify that I read blessings on him "
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