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Best Running Athletes World

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A few years ago, held a special olympics people - disabled in BHEROCK Koba. When it made the game run a distance of 100 meters. Nine runners have ready - ready at the start of each - each.

When the gun sign lit match, they all ran, although not exactly in line trajectory, but everything ran with a happy face towards the finish line and try to win the game. Unless, a runner, a boy, arrived - arrived he tripped and fell rolled several times. Then she cried.

Eight runners heard crying. They then slows their running and turn round. They all turned and ran toward the boy who fell on the ground.

All of them, without exception.
A mentally retarded girl who bears down, give her a kiss and said, "I hope it makes you feel better".

Then nine runners holding hands, walking together towards the finish line finish the match.
The entire audience in the stadium stood, giving salute for some time. Those who were there when it was still not bored - bored to continue this event.


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