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Carpenter and His house

An old carpenter intends to retire from his job in a real estate construction company. He expressed his wish that the owner of the company. He wanted to rest and enjoy the rest of his days peacefully with his wife and keluarganya.Pemilik company was sad to lose one of his best workers. He then begged the carpenter to make a home for himself. Carpenter nodded approve the company owner's personal request. But, in fact he feels forced. He wanted to stop. His heart was not fully expended.
Reluctantly he was working on the project. He only uses ingredients modest. Finally finished houses requested by tuannya.Hasilnya not a good home. It's a shame it had to end his career with achievements that are not so awesome. When the owner of the company that came to see the house he asked for, he handed the front door key to the carpenter.
'This is your house,' he said, 'a gift from us.' Astonishment of the carpenter. What a shame and remorse. If only he knew that he was actually working on a house for himself, he would have done in another way altogether. Now he had to live in a house that is not too good of his own work.
Friends, that's what happens in our lives. Sometimes, a lot of us are building a life in a way that is confusing and less responsible jawab.Lebih choose strive perfunctory rather than striving for good. In fact, the most important parts of our lives do not give their best.

At the end of the trip we were shocked to see what we have done and find ourselves living in a house that we create ourselves. If we are aware from the beginning we would live in a way that is much different. Contemplate that we are the carpenter. Reflect 'home' we are constructing. Every day we hit the nail, put up signs, set up the walls and roof. Let's finish 'home' we are the best as if just do it once in a lifetime.


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