At that time the lecture time. The Master said, "The greatness of a composer known through the tones of his music, but to analyze the notes will not reveal
prowess. Poet grandeur contained in the words, but to learn the words are not going to reveal the inspiration. God reveals himself in creation, but
to examine carefully as any creation you will not find God; Thus, if you want to find the soul through a careful examination of the body. "

In the question and answer period, someone asked, "Well, how we will find God?"

"By looking at creation, but not by analyzing it."

"And how one should look at?"

"A farmer went out to see the beauty of the sunset, but he saw only the sun, clouds, sky, and the horizon - until he understands that beauty is not 'something,' but rather a special way
look at.

You will be in vain search for God until you understand that God can not be seen as anything. What is needed is a special way to see - much like the way a small child whose views are not to be disturbed by various teachings and beliefs that have been previously established. "


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