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The story of Mr. Suyatno

The story of Mr. Suyatno

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Judging from his age, he was no longer young, who already twilight age even approaching night, sir Suyatno 58 years of daily life is filled with caring for his sick wife is also old. They were married over 32 years they've been blessed with 4 children is the beginning temptation strikes, after his wife gave birth to four tiba2 legs paralyzed and could not move it happen for 2 years, stepped in to three whole body becomes weak and even feels no bones lidahnyapun has not can be moved again. Every day pack Suyatno bathing, cleaning up, fed, and raised her up a bed. Before leaving for work he put his wife in front of the TV so that she does not feel lonely. Although she can not speak but she always saw her smiling, fortunately pack Suyatno place of business is not so far from home that day he came home to feed her lunch. afternoon he came home his wife bathing, changing clothes and after sunset he accompanied his wife to watch television while telling him apa2 only natural that all day. Although she could only see but can not respond, sir Suyatno'm happy even he always teased her every goes to sleep. This routine is done pack Suyatno approximately 25 years, with a patient he treated her even while raising their fourth baby, now they've grown anak2 stay the youngest who was in college.

In a fourth day Suyatno children gathered at home while their parents visit her mother. Because after they married children already living with family masing2 and pack Suyatno decide their mother who cared for him, he wants only one of all children succeed. With that phrase quite hati2 primogeniture said "Sir we'd love to take care of the mother. since we were kids see you take care of the mother no complaints at all from the lips of Mr. ......... even the father does not allow us to keep the mother "in tears children continued kata2nya" already the fourth time that we allow the father married again, we think ibupun will allow , when you enjoy old father to sacrifice as we've not bear to see you, we promise we'll take care of the mother the best of alternately ".
Mr. Suyanto said the same thing was not suspected anak2 them. "My children ......... If marriage and life in this world just for lust, maybe you will get married ...... but know with your mother beside me it was more than enough, he has gave birth to you. insulated throat for a moment ... I miss you guys who always present in this world with love that no one can appreciate with anything. try you ask your mother if she wants his condition like this. you want you happy, whether spiritual father can happily leave your mother with his condition now, you want a father who was a God given health cared for by others, what about your mother who is still sick. "For a moment burst into tears anak2 pack Suyatno they also see a small fall dipelupuk butiran2 eye Suyatno mother .. sadly staring eyes a very beloved husband.
Suyatno pack finally arrived invited by one of the private TV station to be a resource and they ask questions to Suyatno why can last for 25 years caring for his wife who was not able apa2 .. that's when he cries burst with distinguished guests present at the studio most of the single woman there he could not hold back emotion pack Suyatno told me "If people in this world glorifies a love in marriage, but are not willing to give (give time, energy, thoughts, attention) is vanity. I chose my wife became the companion of my life, and when he was healthy he too patiently took care of me, love me with heart and his heart is not with the eyes, and he gave me 4 children who lucu2. Now he is sick because of sacrifice for our love together ... and it is a test for me, if I can hold a commitment to love what they are. I sehatpun not necessarily looking for a replacement since she sick,,,”

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