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Mother Forgive Me

On that night, Ana quarrel with his mother. Because very angry, Ana immediately leave the house without bringing anything. When walking on a street, he realized that he had ill bring money. When down a street, he passed a noodle shop and he smell the aroma of cooking.

He wanted to order a bowl of noodles, but he ill have money.

Shop owner saw Ana standing in front of her stall long enough, then said: "Miss, do you want to order a bowl of noodles?"

"Yes, but, I'm ill bring money" Ana replied shyly

"It's okay, I'll treat you" said the proprietor. "Please sit down, I'm going to cook noodles for you".

Not long after, the shop owner to deliver a bowl of noodles.

Ana immediately eat a few mouthfuls, then the tears began to tears.

"Wherefore lady?" Asked the proprietor.

"It's okay" I just moved in charge Ana as she dried her tears.

"In fact, a new one knew even gave me a bowl of noodles!, However, ...

my own mother, after a fight with me, threw me out of the house and told me not to come back to the house "

"You, a new familiar, but so concerned with me than my biological mother's own" he told the shop owner

The shop owner after hearing the words of Ana, took a deep breath and said,

"Miss why you think like that? Think about it, I just gave you a bowl of noodles and you're so moved. Your mother has cooked noodles and rice utukmu when you were small until now, why do not you thank him? And you're fighting with him "

Ana, was shocked to hear things mentioned above.

"Why I morbidly think ttg things mentioned above? For a bowl of noodles org dr who've just met, I was so grateful, but to my mother who cooked for me for many years, I did not even show my concern for him. And just because a trivial issue, I had a fight with him.

Ana, immediately spend bakminya, then he mnguatkan him to immediately return home.

As I walked into the house, he thought that the words spoken kpd hrs mother.

Once you arrive at the threshold of the house, he saw his mother with a tired and anxious faces.

When meeting with Ana, the first sentence out of his mouth was "Ana you're home, quickly go, I have to prepare dinner and eat before you sleep, food would be cool if you were ill eat it now"

At that time Ana can not resist tears and she cried in front of his mother.

Once upon a time, we might be very grateful kpd other person around us for a little help given to us.

But kpd org very close to us (family), especially our parents, we must remember that we are grateful to them for the rest of our lives.


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