Once upon a time in the land of China, a girl named Li-Li got married and lived with her husband and mother-in-law. Not long ago, lived in the house, Li-Li had felt that he did not get along with her mother in law. In-law has a very different character, a lot of the annoying habit of LI-Li, not to mention he has always denounced Li-Li Day by mingg, weeks turned into months Li-Li and her parents are always involved in the debate and hostility. And that makes the situation worse is, according to Chinese tradition, Li-Li had to memnungkukan body to the mother-in-law mena'ati funds will. All the anger and unhappiness in the household makes Li-Li's husband became depressed.
Finally, Li-Li could no longer face the bad character and nature of the mother-in-law dictatorship. He decided to do something. Then he went to see the master Huang, a good friend of his father, whose work sells a variety of traditional ingredients. He told of the problems it faces and pleading would be asking for poison so that he can solve all the problems that it faces. Mr. Huang thought for a moment then said, "Li-Li, I will help you, but you must obey peintahku!" "Well, Mr. Huang, I will do whatever you order," said Li-Li

Prophet and Oranges Lemons

Peace Be Upon You, And Allah'S Mercy And Blessings.
Actually, this story has been widely spread in many blogs and other places, but ... I just wanted to share with friends all of the stories that make me thrilled when you first read it ....
May we ever be able to recall and interpret the story is to continue to improve and be armed,
One day the Prophet was visited by a pagan woman. When the king along with some companions. The woman was carrying some lime fruit seeds as a gift to the king. Really beautiful fruit. Who saw definite terliur. Sire happily accept it with a smile. The prize was eaten by the Prophet Muhammad hint hint of sake with a smile.

Normally the Prophet Muhammad would eat with friends, but not this time. Not a hint of lime that was given to them. Prophet continued to eat. Each time with a smile, hinggalah exhausted all the limes. Then she was asking herself to go home, accompanied by a thank you from the king.
Companions somewhat surprised by the attitude of the Prophet Muhammad. Then they asked. With a smile Prophet explained, "You know, actually it was too sour lime merasainya during my first time. Presumably you also eat together, I hesitated any of you who would mengenyetkan eye or scold her. I doubt in his heart to be offended. So I spent it all. "

Interesting Facts About Psychology

  1. When emotions are usually what we have said that was not supposed to but most of the words honesty of heart.
  2. People who are sad or depressed tend to spend more money than they are happy
  3. If you do not practice what you have learned, you forgot 25% within 6 hours / 33% within 24 hours / 90% in the next 6 months.
  4. Women feel their best performance only lasted three hours in the morning
  5. A woman's chance of developing breast cancer increased if excessive alcohol consumption.
  6. The burden of mind and stress are the most common cause of insomnia.
  7. The ability to control mood (mood) and place it in the time that it was fitting that makes someone look wise.
  8. The study found that 42 percent of people will remove the former lover of friends in social media.

Tale of the Beautiful Trees

Nun, in a jungle grows a tree that is unique compared to the millions of other trees. He has a very straight trunk and upright, firm roots, as well as its distinctive aroma fragrant, fragrant, filling the entire forest. Thus not be amazed, once crowded firewood seekers who are attracted to the tree. Even well-meaning crowded to preserve the beauty of the tree. Gladly they let the trees still grow.

Often they took the time to douse with water obtained from the bottom edge of the nodes in the forest. All that they do with hope that someday, in nature which began full of spoiling this, the Beautiful Trees will grow with an abundance of charm. Provide color change for anyone, to love their neighborhood and stopped making the damage.

As for the illegal loggers, beautiful tree where it is very disturbing. They are conscious, when the tree grows well, it will be a lot of attention to be drawn to the forest. Attention which of course makes them more difficult step in making the damage in the forest. Illegal loggers who have vowed, they would move it to the yard beautiful tree their homes. But if the goal was not achieved, then turn off the tree is the best way they should take.

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Online Psychology
I am currently hard half 12, and had not graduated from college.

From the beginning of my psychology class do not like learning theory, theory sring incompatible with certain areas. not that I do not appreciate their knowledge, even I really liked them, but Indonesia is not like the American psychology or European countries. Because Indonesia has a culture and customs are very different and even contrary to America and Europe.

Indonesia has a culture that is very difficult to explain, let alone use the theories of my reading in English language books. Maybe because I am the less intelligent or more. Or I do not read much.

Until now I am still confused with this, you may be able to share their knowledge here.

Whatever your opinion, please share it here. thank you for your attention.

Regards psychology

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I often say that the happy life is when we can eat and sleep well. Gank_90


Online Psychology
We are human beings, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes we also feel confused on what we feel today. Naturally people like us have to feel such things. Man was created with a variety of shapes and variety of the level of feeling towards something. No man is the same, all men are created always berdbeda between one and the other.

I'am Wasis Purbo Wiseso, I come from Indonesia.

If we have knowledge helps us share. Science is growing day by day. Each of us share knowledge can certainly be growing science kit. Believe it.

Currently I'm studying psychology at a university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. But I still feel very less if I only studied psychology in college alone, while psychology is a science that is very useful, anyway psychology is a science that most of us need to achieve a happiness.

If you deign, share your knoweldge here, then I would be very grateful. I will also be sharing the knowledge that I can. Thank you for your attention.

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