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dear mother thugs

Oleh: Gank_90

On a clear day, no clouds cover the sun. Days suitable for recreation. I thought about it, I do not have long recreation. Finally I decided to invite my friends to go to a beautiful beach in the Pacific beloved. All my friends and finally managed to persuade me everything would leave without exception.

When all the friends had gathered in front of my house, we immediately went to menggnkakan each motor so I also forgot to say goodbye to my mother.
Arriving at the beach is so beautiful, so do not know what the feeling that landed me so that my chest was ticking. But I do not care about that feeling, and I immediately took off my bag and ran for freedom on the beach. Without nagging mother, without orders from my mother, without the old advice of ibuk me, I just want freedom.

I and my friends enjoy all the beauty of this beach, how happy we get the freedom we needed after a long day at school without stopping, how happy anyway I do not hear the nagging mother who usually every day to fill my free time, mind freedom continues to occur because that is what I'm yearning dearer.

After a long playing time came lunch, again I thought, "fortunately no mother always told me to eat a lot to be healthy and nagging nagging-other". I was getting carried away with this freedom.
When I want to put food kemulutku, my phone rang loud. There was no intention at all to me receiving a phone call. After three rings I see who is calling my brother, and I was no longer think the throw away the phone up my bag, and left my phone that did not stop from deringannya. "Hell, today I want to be free, no one should interfere with my freedom", egoisku mind even more rampant.

Then I come back to play with my friends to continue liberty pending, until I was so carried away. Do not feel the matter has been before the maghrib, then we stop the game to rest in one of the houses near the beach, as he wanted menghangatkn our bodies are cold. Because our bodies are very cold, stiff and seemed immovable, so we only can warm yourself by the fire.

While enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, I suddenly remembered my past when I was in grade school. I thought of my mother who is being grumble-grumble in front of me because I was playing in the rain so my body stiff, pale face, until I myself swordfish can again move my whole body because it was too stiff. Instantly I was also moved without feeling cold were initially very make me suffer to take my phone. I wanted to call my mother. But after I took the phone and look at the screen there are 59 missed calls and 13 incoming messages, I just pull out all the messages and missed calls before, without seeing it at all, just because I wanted to look for no. hp my mother, then my phone several times but no answer. Friends yangg know kegelisahankukarena want to call my mother as if to cry and the tears began to flow in their cold cheeks. I just smiled shyly and proud of his fellow thugs.
But anyway I cried immediately, but was unable to secrete tears. Then I began to see missed calls it, everything is composed no two sisters, no my father, along with no neighbors and family-family. I'm starting to get confused at the time, after I noticed, no no mother in between the no-no, I'm very sad to know that there is no mother no daiantara the no-no.

Then I opened the incoming messages one by one, until I cried loudly, all my tears could not accommodate me again, everything spilled like a river flowing, all my friends were surprised absurdly, because they know I never cry. Then they asked me, what is it with me, without answer. I immediately ran to take a key motor and ran k earah motors, without the use of clothes and sandals, then one of my friends threw a thick jacket with me and direct me and my life my bike gas without further ado.
I ignored all the existing road, the bike seemed to fly, police want mnghentikanku only exposed to wind and splashing water streaming from my eyes.
Usually the trip that we traveled for 30 minutes, but I only took 10 minutes to get home.

When got home I ran in among the people who are in my house, I no longer thought of decency or whatever I just want to meet my mother.
Immediately I see my mother who was lying and covering his eyes with all the family is on his side, sobbing cry, I just stare could not move and talk anything. Then Masku too loud shouting and scolding me, he snapped at me and slapped me on the cheek with less very hard, but I just kept silent, all families with emotion from my sister, and I went back to bawl without thinking about anything else, then I straight up to the top of the bed, and lay down beside my mother hugging her tightly without any distance again, I do not want to be separated from my mother.
All the family can only cry to see this my attitude, which would not normally adjacent to the mother because I'm spoiled, now do not want to be separated at all from my mother.
With a vengeance I yelled as loud-kencangnyanya, "I love mom, I do not want to lose a mother, I want my mother always there for me, I want my mother always advised me, the mother should be nagging me every day, I wanted to mother scolded me every day, as long as the mother is always there for me ",
All tears increasingly intolerable, and I kissed her cheek, and said quietly, because my voice has been depleted due to tears and yelled that unremitting, "Mother, I'm sorry, I do not want to lose the mother, the mother is the angel, although any that happened ". Immediately, I saw movement in her lips, and formed a smile very missed.

And I was startled and "a. . . . aaaaaaaaaaargh ".
I see all around me sleepy, and there is only the mother beside the still tetutup his eyes and hugged me with a smile on his face.
Am I dreaming? ? It's been a long time I did not sleep at home, I miss mom. Mom, I love mom, I wanted to go home and hug Always clean up your feet and always kiss your hand when I want to go home and get home.
Mother gimanapun rigors mother to me, I understand now. I promise I will try to make mom smile proud of me. Mother wait for me at the door of our house, I aknan home this Eid.
Yogyakarta, May 8, 2010

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