Gank Psychology

We are human beings, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes we also feel confused on what we feel today. Naturally people like us have to feel such things. Man was created with a variety of shapes and variety of the level of feeling towards something. No man is the same, all men are created always berdbeda between one and the other.

I'am Wasis Purbo Wiseso, I come from Indonesia.

If we have knowledge helps us share. Science is growing day by day. Each of us share knowledge can certainly be growing science kit. Believe it.

Currently I'm studying psychology at a university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. But I still feel very less if I only studied psychology in college alone, while psychology is a science that is very useful, anyway psychology is a science that most of us need to achieve a happiness.

If you deign, share your knoweldge here, then I would be very grateful. I will also be sharing the knowledge that I can. Thank you for your attention.

Please share your knowladge.
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