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lie for the good mother

In our daily life, we believe that the lie will make a man collapsed in agony, but this story is just the opposite. With the existence of this lie, the real meaning of this lies precisely can open our eyes and be free from suffering, like an energy that is able to encourage the flowering of the most beautiful flower in the world.

The story began when I was a kid, I was born as a boy in a poor family. Even to eat alone, often lack. When eating, mother often gave me her portion of rice. While moving the rice into my bowl, the mother said:
"Eat, son, I'm not hungry" ---- LIE MOTHER'S FIRST

When I was growing up, persevering mother spend her spare time to go fishing in the pond dekiat home, she hoped that from the fish is, he can give a bit of nutritious food for petumbuhan. After fishing, mother cooking fish soup fresh and appetizing. While I was eating the soup, mother would sit beside me and eat the flesh of the fish are still attached to the bones, a former residual bone of the fish I eat. I saw it, the liver was also touched, then use sumpitku and gave it to my mother. But she quickly turned it down, he said:
"Eat, son, I do not like to eat fish" ---- LIE MOTHER SECOND

Now I'm in junior high school to help pay for my brother and sister, the mother went to the cooperative to bring a matchbox for taped, and the results of the tempelannya

yielded little money to cover the necessities of life. As the winter comes, I got up from my bed, see you still rests on a small candle and with perseverance she continued the work of sticking a matchbox. I said: "Mother, go to sleep, it's late, tomorrow morning you still have to work." She smiled and said:
"Hurry up sleeping son, I'm not tired" ---- LIE MOTHER OF THREE

When the test came, the mother asked for time off from work in order to accompany me go test. When it was noon, the sun started strong and persevering mother waited for me in the sun for several hours. When the bell rang, signaling the exam already
it's done. Mother immediately welcomed and poured the tea that had been prepared in a cold bottle for me. Tea is so thick can not be compared with the affection that much more viscous. See mothers with perspiration, I immediately gave her my glass and asked her to drink. Mother said:
"Drink, son, I'm not thirsty!" ---- Mother's Fourth Lie

After the death of my father because of illness, poor mother had to play her as a father and a mother. By holding on to her former job, she had to fund our needs alone.
Our family life even more difficult and hard. Not a day without suffering. Seeing our family's condition gets worse, there is a kind uncle who lived near me was helping my mom both big and small issues matter. Neighbors who was next to the house see our lives are so miserable, often advised my mother to marry again. But the mother who is stubborn disregard their advice, the mother said:
"I do not need love" ---- LIE MOTHER OF THE FIFTH

After me, my sister and my brother all have graduated from school and work, old mother was time to retire. But the mother did not want to, he was willing to go to the market every morning to sell some vegetables to make ends meet. I, who works out of town often send a little money to help meet the needs of the mother, but the mother insisted on not accepting the money. Instead sent the money back. Mother said:
"I have money" ---- LIE MOTHER OF THE SIXTH

After graduating from S1, I went on to study S2 and later obtained a master's degree at a top university in the United States thanks to a scholarship at a company. Finally I was working at that company. With quite high salary, I intend to take my mother to enjoy life in America. But the good-hearted mother, intends not want to bother her, she said to me
"I'm not accustomed to" ---- LIE MOTHER OF THE SEVENTH

After entering old age, the mother of cancer of the stomach, to be hospitalized, I who was far across the ocean and immediately went home to visit my dearest mother. I saw the mother lying on her bed after undergoing surgery. Mothers who look so old, staring at me with longing. Although the smile that spread across his face seemed a bit stiff due to illness withheld. Seen clearly how the disease menjamahi her body so that she looks weak and emaciated. I stared at my mother in tears. My heart is sore, it hurts to see her in this condition. But mother with tegarnya said:
"Do not cry, my child, I'm not in pain" ---- LIE MOTHER OF THE EIGHTH.

After saying eighth lie, beloved mother closed her eyes for the last time.
From the story above, I believe my friends must have felt touched and wanted to say: "Thank you mom! "

Try to think of a friend, how long do we not call our mother's father? How long we do not spend our time to talk with our mother's father? In the midst of our busy activity, we always have a reason to leave father beribu- we are lonely mother. We always forget that there will be and mothers at home.

When compared with our partner, we must be more concerned with our girlfriends. The proof, we always worried about our partner news, worried whether he had eaten or not, worried whether he was happy when our side.

However, if we all worried about the news of our parents? Parents worried whether we had eaten or not? Parents worry about whether we are happy or not? Is this true? If so, let us think back again ..

At the time we still have a chance to repay our parents, do your best. Do not let the word "SORRY" later.




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