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Tale of the Beautiful Trees

Nun, in a jungle grows a tree that is unique compared to the millions of other trees. He has a very straight trunk and upright, firm roots, as well as its distinctive aroma fragrant, fragrant, filling the entire forest. Thus not be amazed, once crowded firewood seekers who are attracted to the tree. Even well-meaning crowded to preserve the beauty of the tree. Gladly they let the trees still grow.

Often they took the time to douse with water obtained from the bottom edge of the nodes in the forest. All that they do with hope that someday, in nature which began full of spoiling this, the Beautiful Trees will grow with an abundance of charm. Provide color change for anyone, to love their neighborhood and stopped making the damage.

As for the illegal loggers, beautiful tree where it is very disturbing. They are conscious, when the tree grows well, it will be a lot of attention to be drawn to the forest. Attention which of course makes them more difficult step in making the damage in the forest. Illegal loggers who have vowed, they would move it to the yard beautiful tree their homes. But if the goal was not achieved, then turn off the tree is the best way they should take.

Luckily, the beautiful tree gets very neat custody of firewood seekers kind. They take turns to escort runs with very vigilant so that the growth of the tree is maintained. In addition, the tree seems to have roots that can foster quickly. So in nutrients present in the soil can be absorbed properly. Likewise, the existing water, can be used by the tree to accommodate life.

Shortened the story, the tree has grown large, lush green leaves make tired eyes not to look at, from the branches born sweet fragrant incense that menyeliputi entire forest, and another, the beautiful tree has a very sweet fruit. In addition to relieving thirst, also filling the audience. Terasalah blessing the Creator for the search of firewood, although illegal loggers who are still looking for a pretext to always eliminate the tree.

However, such was the squares where every creature that lives and grows on the face of this earth, not one that lasts! No exception to that exalted state of gorgeous tree firewood seekers and all the inhabitants of the forest. One evening, when the sky grew dark, the wind was blowing strong. Beautiful tree tops with great sway. He utmost offset when the circumstances in which the future-if allowed to topple him. The shoots continued to move, initially only intending to defend themselves from the natural state he faced.

But eventually he was conscious, that in fact he can fully overcome the wind attack. He is convinced that the correct accommodated by strong roots, and branches are solid, and foliage that can withstand winds with speed and perfect. Kerana belief that suddenly he makes a move unexpected by the roots, the ground clutching his best.

The buds dancing, not just follow the direction of the wind, but sometimes he makes a slightly confusing the roots in maintaining balance. And, the roots were issued its denial; "Hey, bud. Stop dancing! I was confused to see you! "" Why should confused, Roots? I know the true situation. Join alone! "" How am I going to follow tarianmu, if you are difficult to follow "" Believe me, the root. I mentioned above were able to see everything. Not only the stems, leaves, and you own my roots. But the distance of dozens of rocks around us can be I see clearly "" Hi, what's wrong with me remind you, bud? "" You're one of the roots, should you come just what I said. Kerana position below, and you do not know anything about this world! "

"Ah ... arrogant nian you, bud! Even if there is no me, where might you be able to stand up and be up there! "" Come on, why do you even fight, huh ?! "peacekeeper leaves the atmosphere is getting warmer. "Kerana he began to feel proud, leaf!" Direct root fibers of the roots to the shoots. "What is it, the roots ?! Follow alone I say, and you will be saved "" Did you forget, huh? You need each other! There would be no life if not for me, you, and the root of it. Awake, my brother! my friend! "the leaves back to speak with feeling sad kerana schism own brother.

The debate for the sake of debate continues to roll in between. The shoots do not feel the slightest need to succumb to the roots. He feel that is everything, he is chairman of because be in the top spot. He was destined by God to be at the top with all the broad vision of the world. He felt God had given him absolute power to do as one pleases. Meanwhile, the roots of feeling disappointed, the shoots have taken a wrong step in implementing measures to safeguard the survival of all parts of the tree. And, the leaves are trying to debate it extracts were helpless soothe both, though he never felt tired to reconcile the two brothers feud of the body.

Time outlined may have arrived, because the act, the Roots lazy to absorb water and substances needed. Likewise, the Leaf, because fatigue arbitrate debate his two brothers, he forgot to process food even though the sun continues to shine throughout the day. And, the shoots apparently getting complacent. He did not realize the two brothers underneath already impaired. He still strutting follow the direction of the wind with her encouragement rhythm. Until it was time where the wind blows very slowly precisely.
The shoots complacent as rocking, he felt sleepy and he let his movements are irregular, and he began to shut. Sleep in a bed that is not disedarinya, and the wind coming attack. His body was limp. The leaves are hungry helpless hold the body of the shoots that come suddenly. He participated fall. While below, the roots of which lazing no longer have a strong grip on the ground around him. The roots are not able to hold the body of his two brothers who fell first. He pulled out, disintegration.

Thus ended the story of a beautiful tree, a search menyedihkan.Para story firewood kind of moping, while illegal loggers bergelak laughter, "No need to tear down, man. They collapsed itself as hostility ... !! "" Oh, do not even need strong winds apparently ....... "It is said that wild lumberjack.

From here brethren, can we take a little iktibar of this story? Let us stay away from extracts silaturrahim hostility between us, do not bear a grudge because it does not carry grudges kedamaian..saling padulah respect and unite us to the greatness of Islam can be forwarded and digemilangkan .. and that we remain a people who beriman..InsyaAllah ..

'The parable of the faithful that compassion, mercy and grace and mutual affection in others they are like one body, if one member complained pain, the whole body will also merasainya.'
Hope It Is Useful ...


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