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Interesting Facts About Psychology

  1. When emotions are usually what we have said that was not supposed to but most of the words honesty of heart.
  2. People who are sad or depressed tend to spend more money than they are happy
  3. If you do not practice what you have learned, you forgot 25% within 6 hours / 33% within 24 hours / 90% in the next 6 months.
  4. Women feel their best performance only lasted three hours in the morning
  5. A woman's chance of developing breast cancer increased if excessive alcohol consumption.
  6. The burden of mind and stress are the most common cause of insomnia.
  7. The ability to control mood (mood) and place it in the time that it was fitting that makes someone look wise.
  8. The study found that 42 percent of people will remove the former lover of friends in social media.
  9. According to the research says that children are twice as much influenced by television than their own parents.
  10. The Italian researchers found that, people better in reviewing the information, if listened through the right ear.
  11. People who have a personal relationship with us, will tend to bring the behavior that is similar to ours.
  12. The average human has 3 lies within 10 minutes of conversation.
  13. 85 percent of teens hated her former lover. But they will forgive him, when they mature.
  14. People with a sitting position while looking up smiling right, tend'm thinking a beautiful thing.
  15. According to psychological research says that people who take a picture of yourself with advancing lip including psychological disorders
  16. The person who gives a smile for more than five seconds, giving coolness and positive meaning for the people who see it.
That is Interesting Facts About Psychology


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