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Prophet and Oranges Lemons

Peace Be Upon You, And Allah'S Mercy And Blessings.
Actually, this story has been widely spread in many blogs and other places, but ... I just wanted to share with friends all of the stories that make me thrilled when you first read it ....
May we ever be able to recall and interpret the story is to continue to improve and be armed,
One day the Prophet was visited by a pagan woman. When the king along with some companions. The woman was carrying some lime fruit seeds as a gift to the king. Really beautiful fruit. Who saw definite terliur. Sire happily accept it with a smile. The prize was eaten by the Prophet Muhammad hint hint of sake with a smile.

Normally the Prophet Muhammad would eat with friends, but not this time. Not a hint of lime that was given to them. Prophet continued to eat. Each time with a smile, hinggalah exhausted all the limes. Then she was asking herself to go home, accompanied by a thank you from the king.
Companions somewhat surprised by the attitude of the Prophet Muhammad. Then they asked. With a smile Prophet explained, "You know, actually it was too sour lime merasainya during my first time. Presumably you also eat together, I hesitated any of you who would mengenyetkan eye or scold her. I doubt in his heart to be offended. So I spent it all. "

That character of the Prophet Muhammad. Your Majesty will not reduce-reduce administration someone who is not even a good thing, and of the non-Muslims as well. Pagan woman went home with a disappointed heart. Why? Actually he is intended to fool the Prophet and the Companions of the king with the sour lime gifts. Unfortunately unsuccessfully. Design di'tewas'kan by the noble character of the Prophet Muhammad.


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