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Differences in Problem Solving Ability in Children Can Play Musical With Children Who Can not Play a Musical Instrument

A. Background
Thinking is the most important instrument in the psychic life. By thinking, we can more easily cope with various problems in life. But if just think with straight course, the problem would be difficult to resolve. But in the process of addressing a problem, we often think in different ways. The psychologists and logicians know a few ways of thinking. However, not all of their ideas effectively to the process of solving the problem on everyone. Thus make it easier to solve problems required creative thinking and innovative.
Creative thinking is one of the recommended ways. Because of the way that someone will be able to see issues from many perspectives. Because, a creative thinker will generate more alternatives to solve a problem. Creative thinking cognitive load (aptitude), affective (nonaptitude) and metacognitive. There are some human behavior related to creative thinking. Among other things related to cognitive aspects, namely; current thinking skills (fluency), flexible thinking skills (flexibility), original thinking skills (originality), and elaborate skills (elaboration). Four more related to affective aspects, namely; want mengambila risk (risk-taking), pleased with complexity (complexity), have curiosity (curiosity), and likes to imagine (imajination).
Consider the characteristics contained in creative thinking, it is understood that creative thinking is part of life skills that need to be developed in the era of information and increasingly tight competitive atmosphere. Creative thinking needs to be trained for making child smooth and flexible in thinking, able to look at the problem from different points of view and able to generate a lot of ideas. Creative human being it is possible to improve the quality of life. In this era of globalization can not be denied that the welfare and prosperity of the community and our country depends on the creative contribution, in the form of new ideas, new inventions and new technologies in society members.
While creativity itself is also needed in music. Music is an art, where art is all human actions arising from feelings and beautiful nature. While something beautiful that can be created by the presence of a creativity. That's because in the absence of a creativity, will not create a beautiful work of art music. The beauty of a work depends on the level of creativity, the higher it will be more beautiful creativity also work produced. So in the art of music is necessary a creativity that can create a beautiful work of art music.

B. Problem Formulation
1. Is there a relationship between musical creativity with creativity
in problem solving?
2. If there is a relationship between musical creativity with kreativtas in problem solving, then how much influence the musical creativity in problem-solving process?

C. Objective
This study bertujan to determine whether there is a relationship between musical creativity and creativity in problem solving as well as how much influence the musical creativity in the problem solving process.

D. Benefits Research
The benefits of this research are:
1. Benefits theoretical
Theoretically, this research would be useful to add to the treasures of knowledge for the development of science.

2. Practical benefits
In practical terms this study would be useful to:
a. for researchers
Helpful to improve the competence of researchers in the process of sharpening the sensitivity and researchers as a psychology student kritisitas especially in terms of psychological science.
b. For students who enrolled in Yogyakarta fart
As a matter of reflection and consideration in resolving the problems in their everyday lives, be it personal problems, lecture, group, organization, and even family problems.

A. The ability of Problem Solving
1. Definition of Problem Solving Ability
Ability Problem Solving it is another word for solving the problem. Creativity and the ability to think creatively is essentially an attempt to solve the problems more effectively, efficiently and productively.
Ability to solve everyone's problems were certainly different, in a way that is different also. It can be seen from several aspects as well, which this time will try to connect it with creativity in music.

2. Aspects of Problem Solving Ability
Aspects that can affect the ability of Problem Solving, among others, from the aspect of science pengetahuam, a habit, and creative thinking. While that will be discussed in this research is the aspect of creative thinking, in other words, a person will have good problem solving ability, if someone was able to think creatively, which is a creativity.

B. Can Play Musical With Children Who Can not Play a Musical Instrument
Can play a musical instrument with a child who can not play a musical instrument here means that the variables that affect the ability of problem solving dihipotesa. Whether it could play any musical instrument such as, guitar, drums, piano, violin, and others.

C. Relationship Between Variables With the dependent variable
When creativity in music affects one's problem solving. Where a person who can play music, tend to be more creative than people who can not play music. Creative herein means when someone is having problems, then the people who think creatively will have many ways to resolve the problem. There is a relationship between right brain and left brain, where the brain is the source of creativity kkanan, so you could say that the music is more creative, because the music while training the right brain.

The relationship between the creative musical creativity in solving the problem, because it tends to use the creative brain kananitu means the same with music. Larena music also use the right brain, so indirectly, playing music is also one way of developing the right brain is the center of creativity.

A. Identification of Research Variables
The variables in this study in order to make the perception and not too much of a difference it will be restricted to:
1. Independent variables: lectures or learning problem solving, personal problems, and problem groups.
2. Variable dependent: the player music instrument guitar, piano, and violin.
B. Definition of Variable Operational Research
Troubleshooting can be done as a prosocial behaviors that arise in the interaction between people or to yourself, while you can play music instrument will make a change in my way of thinking and solving msalah on each individual.
C. Subjects Research
The subject of this study is one hundred men and women who sdang college, which can play a music instrument, such as guitar, piano, or violin. Students who become the subject is a student who is in Yogyakarta.
D. Method of Data Collection
The good and bad of a research also depends on the method of data collection as well. The method used in this research is by observation and interviews as well as the questionnaire.
E. Data Analysis Techniques
1. Validity and Reliability
a. validity
In this study, the calculation of the validity of the questionnaire-the questionnaire in this study silakukan with telnik Pearson product moment, using SPSS version 15.0
b. reliability
Calculation of reliability in this study using Cronbach Alpha of SPSS versi15.0
2. Test Asusmsi
Prior to the analysis of the data, assumptions must be tested beforehand. Test assumptions include: normaslitas test and homogeneity test.
3. Hypothesis Test
To answer the question the initial hypothesis, it is used hupotesa test.

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