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Homo Homini Lupus

A small singers, capitalize both palms,
accompany the songs that came out of his mouth that cemongcemong
especially water untouched soap. singers
accompany small flurry of morning on a bus that was
kutumpangi half empty. He did not bring a guitar, not
bring kecrikan of bottle caps nailed in a
small wood, not also bring other musical instruments. Used To
singers brought a musical introduction to help
sang a number of songs, before some coins
and banknotes switch into the candy bag
offered to some people who were generous and
willing to donate at that time.

Small bodies pushed to and fro when some
the bus passengers look for an empty bench
for occupied. Suddenly a boost more
hard to make the body of the young singers staggered hit
bus seat. Apparently there was a musician, with body
large stocky, was disturbed by the presence of singers
that small. Looks like the little singers quite know myself and understand clearly what the rough encouragement he had just received.
Slowly, the young singers out of the bus and
let singers with stocky body replaces

Homo Homini Lupus. Human into a wolf to
other human beings. Who is strong he wins. What'S More
in a big city. Jegal tackle, oppression or,
hanky panky not new anymore and seemed to be
The main requirement to win the game without a trophy.
Currently strong sense of the word not only in terms of power. not the
muscular body like a steel reinforced wire Gatot Kaca
only. Strong also in the sense of smart, in the sense of technology, in
meaning the speed of information management. Who is smarter,
who master the advanced technology, who quickly
manage information, he who wins and becomes


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